Peekaboo has diverse brands that lead the market in its ready-to-explore categories. When it comes to diapers and wipes, Huggies is one of such brands that cares for both your newborn and their skin, especially in the early-development stages. Have a look at what Huggies products you can find at Peekaboo!

What categories does Huggies have products in?

Peekaboo has so much to offer and wants to make it easy for you while deciding on what to get for your baby. For this, we have a couple of clues! Click on Diapering at Peekaboo and surf between the drop-down categories to find out how to make your baby relaxed when they are sleeping or even swimming. These special Huggies products are well-manufactured and designed and we assure you that your little one will definitely like them. Let’s discover these products together.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Huggies brand?

Huggies has various diapers for the newborns and babies of different weights, providing extra care and quality. Sometimes it is difficult to keep a newborn clean, especially when they are sleeping or walking to be an independent explorer. These diapers such as Huggies Extra Care (Gold), Huggies Dry Comfort or Huggies Drynites Pyjama Pants are so comfortable to sleep or move in. There are also swimmer nappies for the little divers. The brand also has wipes for babies and kids of different ages. These products are used not only to clean the baby after changing the diaper, but also to clean the baby’s face and hands. That’s why they must be super safe for the skin and to use around the eyes.

As we also care about your baby’s happy mood and safety, we invite you to search the category to find the best Huggies products and enjoy with your baby while in the bed, by the sea or anywhere you want to be!