Founded in 1957, Galt’s goal has always been to create a play center that will encourage your kid to explore and learn while playing. The brand presents a wide range of educational, creative toys and games that promote a safe and fun playing environment. All Galt toys are designed to provide a healthy development of your child. You can find Galt’s experiment sets, puzzles, coloring books, and creative games here at Peekaboo!

What categories does Galt have products in?

Toys are more than just distractions for children. Especially in the early years, they play an important means of promoting your child's development. The right tools train children’s physical, cognitive and social skills as they try things out and learn about social rules and courses of action in a playful way. In short, your child discovers the world through play.

And Galt is professional when it comes to toys. The brand's product range features experiment kits, coloring books, board games, crafting kits, puzzles and entire activity centers. These educational tools train various cognitive and motor skills while bringing the necessary and extremely important fun. 

Besides, Galt toys make indoor exercise fun. Books and toys for painting and handicrafts will stimulate your child's imagination. In addition, they provide a wonderful atmosphere for parents and children to spend time together. Here at Peekaboo, you can select among the various Galt toys to contribute to your child’s development. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the Galt brand?

Finding the right toy is important, many parents face the question of which toy is the right one and what material it should be made of. Some children prefer crafting games, colorful items and tools while some like to dive into puzzles or board games. Children's books and ground puzzles also play an enormously important role. Gant has just the right toy for your child!

As your children grow, they will inevitably become more active. This places special demands on the toys. Now, the urge to move and discover must be encouraged. Galt offers experiment sets and crafting kits suitable for 5 to 8 year olds, Galt’s other products are suitable for children from 10 months to 10 years old.

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