Whether you’re a fan of the FridaBaby brand or you’ve never even heard of it before, you’re guaranteed to find something useful among Peekaboo’s selection of FridaBaby products!

What categories does FridaBaby have products in?

Headquartered in Miami, FridaBaby is a brand that offers baby care and mom products that make life easier for both babies and moms. The brand’s website describes its arsenal of baby products as “Mom’s Everyday Toolkit,” promising to deliver just the right gadgets to help keep little ones happy, healthy, and fuss-free.

What age-appropriate products are available from the FridaBaby brand?

The FridaBaby collection on Peekaboo tackles just about every aspect of a newborn and infant’s life. There are pain-free grooming products like the super-soft Head-Hugging Hair Brush & Comb and the DermaFrida, aka the Skinsmoother, a massage tool designed to combat scaly and flaky skin. There is also the SmileFrida line, which comes with a Finger Toothbrush for babies who are 3 months and older who are getting their first teeth, as well as a toothbrush called the Toothhugger for slightly older babies who are at least 18 months old, helping them to keep their pearly whites gleaming.

Of course, we can’t forget FridaBaby’s flagship product, the NoseFrida. Designed by a Swedish doctor for babies up to 3 years of age, this nasal aspirator is called the Snotsucker for a reason—regardless of how that might sound, it sure works to help keep babies mucus-free.

Another essential FridaBaby product available on Peekaboo is the Pacifier Weaning System for babies 6 months and older. This five-step system is designed to methodically get babies off the pacifier by 12 months of age.

Last but not least we have the MediFrida, aka the Accu-Dose Pacifier, which helps parents avoid meltdowns and messes when it’s time to give their little ones medicine, since the product does double duty as both a medicine dispenser and a pacifier. Peekaboo’s FridaBaby collection also includes Saline Spray and the Windi Instant Natural Gas and Colic Relief.

If you’d like to try out FridaBaby products for your little one without breaking the bank, start shopping Peekaboo’s selection right away!