Do you keep seeing the name Crayola, but have no idea what the brand is all about? Check out Peekaboo’s selection of Crayola products to make the kids in your life happy!

What categories does Crayola have products in?

With the slogan, “Thinking inside the box and staying outside the lines since 1903,” American brand Crayola makes its credo known to the masses. An internationally recognized brand in art supplies, Crayola plays an important role in kids’ development by introducing them to a world of color and sparking their imagination!  

What age-appropriate products are available from the Crayola brand?

The Crayola selection on Peekaboo offers something for everyone. In the market for colored pencils? You’ll find 12-pack, 24-pack, and 36-pack sets of regular colored pencils as well as watercolor pencils, twistables colored pencils and colored pencil trays (Trayola). If you’re searching for crayons instead, Crayola’s wide selection includes large crayons, twistables crayons, Disney Princess crayons travel packs, My First Triangular Crayons for beginners, as well as other fun options like metallic and glitter crayons. Need markers? Peekaboo’s selection of Crayola products includes broad line, fine line, and metallic markers in addition to washable ones.

While we’re on the subject, Crayola’s range of washable products also includes washable color glue, glitter glue, fingerpaint kits, tempera paints, and stamper markers. Parents of young kids will also love the My First series, which comes with safety scissors, washable markers, and mess-free touch-lights. If you’ve got a white board set up in the kids’ room, the Colour Wipeoffs white board marker set is another good find that lets kids get creative with color—without making a big mess.

Other crafts supplies by Crayola include Model Magic modeling clay, Play Dough in a multitude of colors, tempera paint sets, brush sets, paint brush pen sets, Puzzle Stamping Kits, Alphabet & Numbers Pads, animal-themed coloring books, as well as Disney Princess and Frozen-branded coloring pages, pads, and markers.

Whether this is your first time shopping Crayola products or you’re just looking to expand your existing collection, Peekaboo’s affordably priced options will make arts and crafts shopping a breeze!