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Have you ever wondered what it's like to sleep in a rooftop bed frame house or do you have questions about how to make sleeping time fun for your little one? You are in the safe hands of Childhome, a brand walking on its successful path by attaching importance to four values: innovation, comfort, safety, and passion. Let’s find out what Peekaboo offers in Childhome category.

What categories does Childhome have products in?

In the limitless world of Peekaboo, there are many products of Childhome, and here is the map for you to find them: Go and search, for example, nursery, diapering, and school supply items to learn more about how to make sleeping time fun, how to carry all the stuff both you and your child need when you are visiting a friend, or how a school bag can create a difference. The amazing products are well-designed, durable, and timeless. Let’s jump to our next question about the products and discover them.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Childhome brand?

The ‘’Tipi’’ style bed frame is Childhome’s signature and they change the atmosphere of the sleeping room.  Thanks to their design, their assembly is super easy and they have many accessories like canvas covers or mattresses, etc. A baby’s room is never fully decorated with a nursing table and the ones offered by the brands will be the best friend of parents since it has so many advantages like a changing cushion and separate parts for different purposes. 

There are also school bags for little ones which will make them fashionable and big-size family bags for parents. When you are traveling or visiting a friend, these bags are a game-changer. They are made of good quality fabric, easy to clean, and have a zipped pouch to keep small things separately. Bonus! These bags have something to say about them.

Peekaboo invites you to go on an adventure between the pages to find out what the bags will tell you and meet other products of Childhome. Remember, there is always a space in the cart to be filled with good brands and products!