Looking to buy Belis products for your little one, or just want to know what the brand is all about? Peekaboo is here to meet your needs! You can check out the selection on our website to find what you need from the comfort of your seat.

What categories does Belis have products in?

Belis is a brand that specializes in children’s furniture and nursery products. When it comes to nursery products, two main concerns parents share are safety and adaptability to the needs of their growing child. The Belis line is designed to put parents’ minds at ease on both fronts: its products are made out of high-quality materials and safety-tested, while their clever designs allow the products to be modified for multiple uses. 

What age-appropriate products are available from the Belis brand?

Peekaboo’s range of Belis brand products includes options for newborns and up. There is the Belis Nino Convertible Baby Bed with Drawers, which has dimensions 50 x 100 cm and comes in the color Dove. For babies who may need a little more room, there is the Belis Nino Convertible Baby Bed with Drawers, which is 60 x 120 cm in color white, for newborns up to 4-year-olds. The largest Belis bed available on Peekaboo is the Belis Eva Baby Convertible Baby Bed with Drawers, which is 60 x 170 cm, with two color options: Kingdom Blue or Mese.

For parents who love furniture with a little color, the Belis Love Bird Baby Crib in 60 x 120 cm is another safety-tested option for babies, and it comes with a fun design that combines stripes and dots.

All of the Belis brand designs available on Peekaboo come with side drops and can be converted into a rocking bed, making them a budget-conscious choice for parents looking to get as much use out of their nursery products as possible. The products are all made out of first-class chipboard and melamine and are easy to both install and clean.

If you would like to get the best deals on Belis brand products for the precious one in your life, Peekaboo should be your first—and last—stop.