Want to dive into the world of healthy cooking for babies and found yourself browsing the Beaba brand? With Peekaboo’s selection of Beaba’s best-selling products, you’re ready to take a step toward a healthier journey!

What categories does Beaba have products in?

A brand that proclaims itself the “Inventor of the Baby Food Makers,” Beaba offers a range of French-designed products designed to make meal prep and serving easier for parents of babies. The company has been in operation since 1989 and is most noted for its flagship product, the BabyCook—a practical, no-frills baby food maker that’s become the brand’s claim to fame.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Beaba brand?

Beaba’s most popular product is still the BabyCook, with its Neo line available at affordable prices on Peekaboo. Avid users of the BabyCook Neo will also want to make use of the pasta-rice basket to prep satisfying and highly nutritious meals for their baby. Of course, there is more to Beaba beyond just the BabyCook, and the brand has expanded to incorporate items aimed at hygienic and safe food storage into its product range in recent years. 

At Peekaboo, you’ll find the Beaba Maxi Portion as well as the Beaba Silicone Portions as a set of 3. These 100%-airtight containers are ideal for preserving, freezing, as well as defrosting baby meals. Another product by Beaba that helps make meal prep a breeze is the Silicone Multiportions, which helps parents portion out and freeze treats like ice cream for their precious ones. Last but not least, the set of 3 Beaba Conservation Glass Jars available on the site is a highly practical tool for parents to measure out and store baby food in a hygienic, sustainable way.

Whether you’ve already got a collection of Beaba products at home or you’re shopping from the brand for the first time, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your needs from the selection of Beaba products available on Peekaboo. If you want to become the chef in your own kitchen, start shopping today to make your dreams a reality!