BB Luv

Want to know more about the BB Luv brand of baby products? Dive right in and discover what must-haves the brand offers for your baby!

What categories does BB Luv have products in?

A Canadian-born company with European-inspired design and style, BB Luv (or bblüv, as it’s stylized) aims to provide safe and durable products that are easy to use and simplify the lives of parents and their children. On the whole, BB Luv’s products combine sleek design with functionality, often including pops of color to entice young users.

What age-appropriate products are available from the BB Luv brand?

The selection of baby products by BB Luv available on Peekaboo includes the Solar Baby & Toddler Sunglasses and the Solar Mini Baby Goggles, which are popular among parents and kids alike for their UV protection as well as their cool design. Both reversible and unbreakable, these bad boys were certainly designed to withstand hours of playtime, whether on the beach or by the pool!

Peekaboo’s selection of BB Luv products also includes the brand’s reversible playmats for kids, which are both durable and easy to clean—making playtime fun for babies and a non-issue for parents. Doing double duty thanks to its reversible form, the BB Luv playmat rolls and stores upright easily when not in use, making it the perfect addition to your living room during those all-important months when your toddler is learning to crawl and then walk.

BB Luv’s range of baby products on Peekaboo also includes the BB Luv electric nail trimmer and sets of replacement filing discs. Aimed at making grooming not only a pain-free experience but even an enjoyable one for babies, the electric nail trimmer is designed as a gentle tool to trim babies’ sensitive nails. The replacement discs also allow you to get maximum use out of the trimmer, making it a worthwhile investment for your baby’s hygiene and comfort.

If you’re looking to add BB Luv to your arsenal of baby products, Peekaboo’s affordably priced selection of BB Luv’s most popular lines makes it both the first and last website you’ll need to visit!