Founded in 2003 by two entrepreneur women, Storksak combines style and functionality in one brand. Starting their journey with the aim of creating one bag that does it all, Storksak has become a brand offering bags that are perfect for parents yet functional and chic enough to be used every day and they have earned multiple awards over the years. Taking pride in its durable materials and design, the brand offers functionality, durability, and style.

Storksak also emphasizes sustainability and the environment; and explains they underline that they produce their products in a responsible, environmental, and eco-friendly manner. By doing so, Storksak makes sure that nothing is compromised from their brand’s style and durability as they create products that can be passed through generations with the awareness of eco-friendliness. 

What categories does Storksak have products in?

Storksak offers a wide range of bags and accessories for parents who do not want to compromise their style and comfort by still keeping their essentials close to them at all times. The brand offers backpacks, shoulder bags, convertible bags, and hospital and weekend bags in addition to travel, changing bags and their accessories such as straps, bottle holders, stroller organizers clips and straps, bag accessories and so much more to pick from. Storksak also offers an exclusive gift category to choose from for special occasions. Brand’s aim is to assist parents in their daily life with their functional and eco-friendly products by also making sure that their products are with them to stick around for longer years and new babies to come.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Storksak brand?

Storksak produces for parents who are looking for alternative and chic ways to take their little one’s essentials everywhere with them. Regardless of time and place, Storksak will be with you at all times, passed through the generations to come. Products are created with love, care, and awareness to our environment.

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