Founded in 2005, 4moms has been one of the pioneer brands when it comes to robotic baby products. If you're looking for practical baby products, you're in the right place. Have a look at 4moms products at Peekaboo and make your choice!

What categories does 4moms have products in?

As its name suggests, 4moms is a brand that focuses on making life easier and more pleasant for moms, especially those of newborn babies. The brand specializes in high-tech products for infants, with a succinct range of top-quality and well-priced options to suit the needs of newborns. In fact, 4moms went the extra mile when developing its product range by testing prototypes on real parents. Through sensors, the brand was able to collect valuable data, which 4moms used to improve its electric rockers.

What age-appropriate products are available from the 4moms brand?

4moms has two main lines of electric baby rockers: the mamaRoo and the rockaRoo. The mamaRoo is an infant seat that bounces and sways, similar to how parents move when they hold their baby in their arms. Unlike parents, however, the mamaRoo comes with five different speeds to keep babies at their optimal comfort level for longer. The mamaRoo is made out of washable polyester fabric, and it also comes in three colors: classic grey, classic black, and multi plush.

In contrast to the mamaRoo, the rockaRoo is a sleeker device that takes up far less space. However, the modern look also means the rockaRoo only has one range of motion, which is to glide back and forth. Similar to the mamaRoo, it has five different speeds. 4moms also sells a double-sided, machine-washable insert that fits both the mamaRoo and rockaRoo to give your baby extra support.

Another popular product by 4moms is the mamaRoo bassinet, which includes the same five motions as the mamaRoo infant seat but comes with a firm, flat surface to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep. The mesh sides on the bassinet were designed to allow both visibility and airflow, keeping the baby’s comfort in mind. What’s more, the bassinet can be controlled by the 4moms app, giving parents extra flexibility and ease of mind. The brand also sells the mamaRoo sleep storage basket as an accessory, which easily attaches below the bassinet to provide additional storage space for the baby’s essentials.

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