Make It Easy: How to Change a Diaper

Make It Easy: How to Change a Diaper

Make It Easy: How to Change a Diaper

About to change your little one’s diaper for the first time or just doing some early research on how to perfect it? We are with you here and ready to get you started on changing diaper. With our step-by-step guide, you will get used to it in no time! Before we dive in, browse through Peekaboo’s diaper essentials to make sure you have everything you need.

Does Your Baby Need Diapering?

Whether you're a new parent or have been at this for a while, there's one question that we can all agree on: how do I know when my baby needs to be changed? There are some easy ways to tell if your little one needs a diaper change. If your baby has wet or soiled their diaper then it's time for a diaper change! Also, if your baby is crying or showing signs of discomfort like pulling at their diaper then they probably need changing as well. Newborns need to be changed every two to three hours while infants need to be changed every three to four hours.

There are also some other factors that might indicate whether or not your baby needs a diaper change such as weight gain or loss over the course of two hours; this will depend on how much milk your baby drinks throughout the day though so keep an eye on this and make sure that you're feeding them enough! Also, keep in mind how many times per day your baby poops--if they poop more than once per day then you'll probably want to increase their intake of liquids (either through breast milk or formula) by adding an extra bottle to their routine! 

How to Change a Baby's Diaper

Changing a baby's diaper is an important part of taking care of them. To make sure your baby stays healthy, it's important that you change their diaper often—at least every two hours or when they poop! Here's our guide on how to change a diaper:

1) Remove any soiled clothing and place a wet bag or cloth underneath the baby to protect their clothes from poop;

2) Loosen the diaper by pulling at the sides;

3) Remove the soiled diaper and dispose of it;

4) Wipe your baby's bottom with a clean cloth or paper towel;

5) Put on a fresh diaper making sure that there are no gaps around the legs or waist;

6) When changing your baby's diaper, always make sure that the area around their genitals is clean and dry before putting on a new diaper. 

7) Finally, put some cream onto any red areas on your baby's bottom that might be sore from all this activity. If you don't have any cream handy, don't worry too much about it; as long as you keep their bottom dry, they shouldn't get too uncomfortable during this process!

8) Put your baby back in their crib or bed and make sure they're comfortable.

As always, if you have any questions about when your little one might need a diaper change then don't hesitate to ask your pediatrician for more informed advice!

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