Discover The Best Baby Bottles for Your Newborn

Discover The Best Baby Bottles for Your Newborn

Discover The Best Baby Bottles for Your Newborn

Started feeding your baby with expressed breastmilk or formula, and out there on the hunt for baby bottles for your little one? We got you. There is a vast sea of options out there and you have the right to be confused. Plastic or glass, self-sterilizing or not, large or small, and add anti-colic options on top of it. There are definitely several factors to consider in how to pick the right one for your little one.

Keep reading our small guide to exploring the best baby bottles for newborns here at Peekaboo!

How do I choose a baby bottle?

It's important to note that babies have their own preferences and what works for one baby may not work for another. It might be a good idea to try a few different options to see which works best for your baby. Therefore before you find the best bottles for newborns, you might need to try out a few along the way. 

When choosing a baby bottle, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Choose between glass or plastic bottles, both have their own pros and cons. Glass is heavier and more breakable but doesn’t contain chemicals like BPA found in some plastic bottles.
  • Capacity: Decide on the size of the bottle based on the baby's age, feeding needs and your own lifestyle.
  • Anti-colic design: Some bottles have an anti-colic design to reduce the amount of air the baby ingests during feedings, reducing colic symptoms.
  • Nipple shape and flow rate: Consider the shape of the nipple and the flow rate to ensure that it works for your baby's age and feeding needs.
  • Sterilization: Decide whether you want self-sterilizing bottles or prefer traditional sterilization methods.
  • Brand reputation and safety standards: Choose a brand with a good reputation that follows 

If your baby has an eager attitude to such the bottle and seems content while feeding out of it and even show a tendency to reach out for the bottle then you are on the right track and found the one and only baby bottle! Remember that each baby is unique, and so are their preferences while feeding. Therefore finding the best bottle that your little one might love takes a bit of trial-error. 

Best Baby Bottles

Now that you know the key points when it comes to finding the best baby bottles, let us provide you with some options to start with. With your little one’s comfort and safety in mind, we wanted to save some time for you. Peekaboo has collected the best feeding bottles and teats for all our parents out there.

Tommee Tippee, Dr. Brown’s, Philips Avent, and Lansinoh are only some of the world-known brands we present to our parents here at Peekaboo. Carefully selecting all reliable and premium brands for all our families, we ensure that our products provide the ultimate comfort and high-quality options that every parent and baby needs. Start exploring all our exclusive baby bottles and teats here now and have your pick on the best feeding accessories

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