Best Teethers

Best Teethers

Best Teethers

Teething is a natural process that typically begins around 6 months of age and involves the emergence of new teeth through the gums. As the teeth push through the gum tissue, babies may experience discomfort, inflammation, and irritation in the mouth and gums. Once the baby's first teeth start to come through, teething toys can be a great help in encouraging teeth to emerge and relieving the discomfort of sore gums. However, it's crucial to ensure that anything your baby puts in their mouth is entirely safe for them or use. Therefore, we have conducted thorough research to identify the best teething toys that are not only trustworthy, hygienic, and safe but also enjoyable for your little one.

Not sure which ones are the best teething toys for babies? That’s where Peekaboo runs to your aid. Check out our teethers and comfort your little one.

Best Teethers

The best teethers for infants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including rubber, silicone, plastic, and fabric. It is important to choose a teether that is safe and appropriate for your baby's age and developmental stage and to regularly inspect the teether for any signs of damage or wear.

However, health always comes first therefore It is crucial to prioritize the health of babies when selecting teethers and soothers since they will be in direct contact with them. As with all toys, it is crucial to never leave your baby unattended with a teether. Also, ensure that the teether is kept clean and checked frequently for any signs of damage.

The material used to make the toy is also essential, and it is recommended to choose natural rubber or silicone rather than plastic, which can contain harmful substances such as BPA or PVC. Natural rubber and silicone teethers and soothers are durable and can withstand being sucked, chewed, and cleaned.

Teether’s shape, size, and design also play an important factor. As babies experience teething pain, they require a comfortable and safe teething toy. Therefore, it is recommended to select a large teether or soother to prevent the baby from swallowing it, with a grip to enable them to hold it easily. The texture is also crucial as it should be suitable for gum soothing and relieving the pain and the feeling of pressure.

All in all, using the best teethers for babies can help to alleviate these symptoms by providing a firm surface for the baby to chew on, which can help to massage and soothe the gums. Some teethers are also designed to be chilled or frozen, which can provide additional relief by numbing the gums and reducing inflammation.

As Peekaboo, we boast a plethora of options thanks to its excellent array of brands. Dr. Brown's, Infantino, Philips, Matchstick, and many others offer a variety of designs and colors to cater to your baby's preferences. Additionally, brands like Nuk and Munchkin offer accessories. Browse through the pages or brands to discover them all!


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