Here at Peekaboo, we have front-line brands like Infantino that closely focuses on the giggles of your baby. If you are looking for colorful toys or accessories, there is a whole new world to find the best from Infantino. And for the parents who like to travel? We reassure you that Infantino did not forget you and that’s why we encourage you to jump between the pages.

What categories does Infantino have products in?

As a brand that has so much to offer, Infantino products can be found under different categories. Check out the main categories like Travel, Bath & Skin or Toys to see what you and your baby need to have some fun. Since the brand has a bigger catalog for different products for different ages, you will have choices in every part of Peekaboo.

What age-appropriate products are available from the Infantino brand? 

Infantino is huge, like we told you before and this means that lots of products are ready to be discovered. If you are ready for a journey, sit back and enjoy it. Let’s start with the crib toys of Infantino. These toys are so fun, these toys are so colorful and there is music to follow the rhythm. Your little one has the right not to sleep, just to be in the crib and follow the hanging animals or shapes. They are also helpful, when it is about motor skills development, visual stimulation or boredom. But, what about the little vampires? Here is the answer, Infantino is all about the taste and that’s why it has Teethers among the products. Now, it is your baby’s time to take a big bite from the Carrot Teether. We know that not all vampires like to eat, some of them like to drink and thanks to Infantino, you have the Squeeze Station which is best for homemade puree.

Remember when we asked you if you like to travel? If yes, Infantino has Carriers for the parents with many options. These Carriers are easy to use and offer different styles when going out with your baby. There are versions depending on the weight or on the age of the baby and they are of good quality, washable and convertible.

To find the best Infantino product, go and search the categories. And, if you are confused while deciding on the best one, here is the bonus. You can call your baby with Infantino Fun Phone and ask what they want.