Medela Easy Expression Bustier Medium


Today, a mother has to multitask so that she can look after her child as well as do other work. Therefore, she works in a smart and efficient way so that she gets to spend more time with her child. One such innovative product that has come to her aid is the Medela Easy Expression Bustier- Medium. It is extremely effective for hands-free breast milk pumping. It is a pumping bra that makes pumping simple, convenient, and most importantly keeps her hands unoccupied leaving her time to do other tasks simultaneously. The Medela bustier can be used with most of the electric pumps like Medela, Swing, Freestyle, Symphony, etc. It has a cotton and spandex blend that is capable of securely holding the shield and bottle in place. It is a strapless design with no-slip support which makes it highly reliable. The front zip and hook make it easy to put on and take off. It can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in a garment bag. It is recommended to not wash it with items that have velcro in them.

• Compatible with most electric pumps.
• It has a cotton and spandex blend that securely holds the shield and the bottle.
• Gives the mother the freedom to do something else while she is pumping.
• It is highly reliable because of its strapless no-slip design.
• The front zip and hook make it easy to wear and take it off.
• It is compatible with a machine wash provided it is washed on a gentle cycle in a wash bag. Try to avoid washing it with anything containing velcro in it.

Brand Information
Medela has been devoted to science for the past 60 years. They are committed to making the most delicate forms of care intuitive, simple, and effective. It has products for every stage of life that can give excellent performance and enhance every experience. Medela has been caring for mothers and babies, patients, as well as healthcare professionals for a very long time. And over all these years, they have turned it into something that they have been devoted to for 60 years, science.