Huggies Gold Maxi Diapers Size 4 (8-14Kgs) Unisex 18 Pieces


Perfect fit for your perfect baby! Huggies baby diapers are designed with the latest technology that enables your little one to wriggle and move as per their comfort. Made with leak-lock technology, you don’t need to worry anymore. The super-absorbent layer locks away the wetness quickly, keeping your baby dry and happier all the time. The new superior Huggies is designed to keep your baby free of rashes, irritation, and wetness. Huggies diapers are the innovative option for those regular nappies. The diaper keeps the baby’s skin dry, healthy and offers free movements throughout the day. Huggies gold maxi diapers for size 4, pack of 18 pieces, are the best comfort you could give to your kid. It is ideal for kids with 8-14kg weight.

⦁ Made of 100% premium cotton
⦁ Dermatological tested
⦁ The wetness indicator turns to blue when wet
⦁ Special waistband to ensure no untoward leakage happens
⦁ The breathable outer cover secures free airflow
⦁ The diapers are gentle and soft against the baby’s skin
⦁ Secure tabs ensure the perfect fitting
⦁ Designed with a special waistband to prevent any leakages
⦁ Ultra-absorbent nappies with unique layers to lock away the wetness
⦁ Provides moisture protection

Brand Information
It is important to choose the best diaper for your little one. Keeping your baby’s gentle and soft skin in mind, experts at Huggies have developed new generation diapers and pants to provide ultimate comfort to the baby. With our wide range of baby care products, we strive to provide safety, hygiene, and ultra-comfort for your little angels. Developed with advanced technology, your babies are safe with Huggies diapers. Keep your baby happy, healthy, and rash-free with Huggies diapers.