Huggies Drynites Girl Pyjama Pants 4-7 Years


The drynites from Huggies are designed especially for girls to manage the bedwetting phase. Huggies drynites are discreet and underwear style, which gives them confidence and provides a good night’s sleep. Made with premium materials, the pants feel like underwear and can be easily put on or removed. Ideal for the night at home, or away from home, Huggies drynites provide unbeatable protection to your kid. The ultra-absorbency gives comfort and lets your child have a good night of sleep. The stretchy and elastic material is soft to wear under pyjamas. Huggies Drynites is ideal for girls aged 4-7, having 17-30kg weight.

• Comfortable briefs for girls.
• Designed especially keeping in mind the children’s soft skin.
• Made with premium cotton material.
• Highly absorbent to prevent leakage.
• Safe material used.
• Soft and stretchy pants offer ultra-comfort to the baby.
• Attractive printed designs on the top.
• A quiet design that isn’t noticeable from the pyjamas.
• No more bedwetting with Huggies DryNites.
• Ideal for girls with sensitive skin.
• Best suited for girls with 17-30kg weight within the age of 4-7 years.
• A thin layer absorbs all the wetness, keeping the skin dry.
• Designed and feels like underwear.
• Provided total overnight protection.

Brand Information
Named as UK’s number 1 brand in night time comfort, Huggies develops and designs innovative diapers, pants, and drynites to achieve the ultimate goal - your baby's skin safety and protection. Huggies has been providing the best baby care products for years. Trusted by mothers for years across the globe, the brand provide gentle and soft products to match your baby’s softness and gentleness. With a wide range of baby care products, Huggies strive to provide safety, hygiene, and ultra-comfort for your little angels. Choose smartly, choose Huggies.