Huggies Babywipes All Over Clean 10 X 56'S Unisex


With Huggies All Over Wipes, we make sure your little one is always clean and fresh. Our wipes are made with natural fibers that are safe for gentle skin. Huggies all over wipes gently clean the skin and effectively get rid of all the mess. Use it for cleaning while nappy changing or it can be simply used to clean the baby’s hands and face. The three-layer unique cotton material cleans up the mess gently and effectively. Our wipes are thick, stronger, more absorbent than other baby wipes. Suitable for babies with sensitive skin, our all-over wipes are ideal for newborns too.

• Made with soft and premium material.
• Ideal for after nappy changing session or to clean the face or other body areas.
• Contains 99% pure water.
• Contains 65% cellulose and natural fibers.
• Made with soft and feels delicate on the baby’s skin.
• Suitable for everyday use. cleans and moisturizes your baby’s gentle skin.
• Safe for use on the baby’s face also.
• Huggies All Over wipes are suitable even for newborns. contains no harmful substances.
• Helps to maintain the natural PH balance of the baby’s skin.

Brand Information
When it comes to your baby’s gentle and delicate skin, Huggies is the answer. From diapers, diaper pants, to baby wipes and other baby care products, Huggies is the go-to brand for millions of parents around the world. Huggies has developed baby care products keeping the baby’s gentle skin in mind. All products are dermatologically tested and approved by millions around the world. With a wide range of baby care products, Huggies strive to provide safety, hygiene, and ultra-comfort for your little angels. Choose smartly, choose Huggies.