Hasbro Nerf Alpha Strike Fang Duel Targeting 8Y+ Boy

by Hasbro

Alpha Strike 18-piece fang QS 4 Duel TGT set makes the Nerf brand number one blaster brand. Alpha Strike blaster is considered for the begineers in the Nerf brand. Alpha strike blaster is considered to be the best blaster in Nerf brand because of its power of performance and also it is a best way for the adrenaline-pumping. These blasters are easy to use for the first-time players and if you are already a Nerf fan then these can be the best addition to your Nerf collection. The fang QS-4 blaster has 4 barrels so that you can fire up to 4 darts in a row. You just have to load 1 dart ianto each barrel then pull the handle to prime, and then press the trigger to fire. In the back 12 Nerf Elite darts are there for multiple reloads.

• Alpha strike blasters are a great way to start experiencing power, performance, and excitement.
• Load,prime, and fire to discharge 4-dart blasting from the alpha blaster and it requires no batteries.
• It includes 2 blasters, 12 darts and 4 half-targets.
• In the back it includes 12 nerf elite darts that are tested for better performance and also constructed of foam with flexibility.
• It is mainly recommended for kids above 8.
• Eyewear is a must to avoid any kind of injury.

Brand Information
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