Frank Puzzles In Water First Puzzle

Type: Toys

Water first puzzle brings to you a simple creative way to teach your child about 3 different animals found near or underwater. These simple and colorful puzzles use the ‰ÛÏplay and learn‰Û? technique to provide children with an activity that is both fun as well as geared to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The puzzles are cut out in the shape of the animals which are fixed in their frames.The bold outlines on the frame guides children on how to tackle each puzzle, ensuring success. These puzzles will keep your child engaged while improving their visual skills, logical thinking, concentration and level of patience.

- The puzzle is compact and portable
- The puzzle is suitable for kids of the age 3years and above
- Includes animals that are commonly found around and under water
- The product is made of good quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks

Brand Information
Founded in 1989, as an educational toy company, Frank offers learning tools that are relevant from pre-schooling years to different stages of school education. A team of educators, including academicians and teachers, apart from child psychology/behaviour professionals conceptualize a wide range of Frank‰۪s educational products. This includes different types of toys & games aimed at different learning needs at homes and schools.