Fitch Baby 2 In 1 Rocking Chair

Type: Travel

The amazing -in-1 rocking chair can transform from a rocking chair to a fixed chair. It also has music to calm the child and simple vibrations to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed. Shaking and swinging makes the child feel enjoyable from the first weeks of his life and will allow the child to sleep in a pleasant way.
1. Suitable age: 0-18 months

2. The chair is padded for the child's comfort and also contains two hanging toys to distract the child

3. A chair contains three-point belts, which helps to protect the child and his safety

4. The padded seat can be removed and washed until it looks clean

5. The product contains simple music and vibrations that make the child feel enjoyable and relaxed

6. The product contains a battery

7. To bear the weight of 18 kg
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