Dr.Brown Oval Disposable Breast Pads Unisex 60 Count


Dr. Brown’s thin layered breast pads are the source of comfort for breastfeeding mothers. The ultra-thin and oval design fits moms with every breast size. The soft lining protects from any leakage and irritation to the gentle skin. The disposable breast pads absorb the moisture instantly, keeping the skin dry all the time. The adhesive tape keeps the pad firmly in one place. No more worries about leakage with Dr. Brown’s breast pads. The pads are discreet under the clothing. It is easy to wear and remove. Made with soft and breathable material, the breast pads provide relief to nursing moms. The perfect size and positioning of the pad ensure to absorb all the moisture of the nipple.

• Easily absorbs all the nipple moisture.
• Does not show under the clothing.
• The oval shape fits the moms of all breast sizes.
• No stress of leaking with our breast pads.
• The adhesive tapes prevent the pad from moving.
• Made with safe and breathable materials.
• Ideal for everyday use.
• Suitable for moms with sensitive skin.
• Hygienic product.
• Dermatologically tested.
• No rashes or skin irritation.
• The soft breast pads provide ultimate comfort to nursing moms.
• Available in the pack of 60 pieces.

Brand Information
Dr. Brown is popular baby care and parenting brand that provides safe and functional products for little ones and their mothers. We offer large varieties of healthcare products such as breast pads, silicone finger brushes, pacifiers, pacifier holders, baby bottles, feeding sets, and much more. Uniquely designed keeping in mind the gentle babies and their moms, the products are approved and loved by parents around the world. the brand ensures each of the baby and the mom’s requirements is met through the innovative products.