Crayola B/Glitter Glue 69-3522 5Ct Washable Unisex

Type: Glue

Crayola glitter glue is a stationery glue of Crayola brand. It is an unisex item used by school goers. It is a washable glitter glue, comes in a pack of 5 bold colors. It is primarily used for crafting work like card making,making slime. It is also used in decorating headbands,bracelets or shoes. It is mostly used in decorating recycled materials such as wine bottles and glass jars. Compared to traditional glitter, glitter glue is mess free. It does not scatter all over your work and all over your home. As it is in the form of glue, it also works as an adhesive. It also has the quality of drying fast which helps in completing your work on time .