Aryuv Baby Wipes Unisex 80 Pieces


Aryuv baby wipes are the ideal solution for cleaning your baby’s delicate skin. Made with natural ingredients, aryuv baby wipes are safe for everyday use. The wipes make the delicate skin refreshed and free from germs. Ideal for newborn babies, infants, and growing children, the wipes provide safety for extra sensitive skin also. Available in the newly-designed package with lid, Aryuv baby wipes are easy to use, and the attractive packaging helps in retaining moisture and freshness for a longer time. Our product is carefully-designed, keeping in mind the gentleness and softness of a baby’s skin

⦁ Aryuv baby wipes are thicker and stronger than usual wipes which makes the cleaning easy
⦁ These wipes are free of alcohol making them safe and hygienic for the baby’s use
⦁ Enriched with vitamin E, with the goodness of aloe vera, aryuv baby wipes are perfect for your baby’s skin
⦁ With cleaning and nourishing goodness, the baby wipes can be used not only for the baby’s bottom, but can also be used to clean hands, face, or other body parts
⦁ Aryuv baby wipes are dermatologically tested and scientifically proven to be cruelty-free
⦁ Maintaining the ph balance, these wipes always feel smooth on the baby’s skin

Brand Information
Formulated to provide the best skincare to the people, Aryuv offers daily care, personal hygiene, and baby care products. Their range of skincare products are designed to provide the best care your baby deserves. Aryuv offers a variety of products- baby wipes, cotton tissues, wet tissues, facial tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, aloe-vera wipes, pocket-size tissues, and single-pack wet wipes. Made with expertise and research process, Aryuv is consistently working to develop baby care products for easy and enjoyable use at the most affordable prices.